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Bridges Athletic Program

We are now offering competitive and recreational athletic activities for youth and adults with special needs. These activities are facilitated by our competent and skilled coaches, many of whom have received training through Special Olympics Maryland and/or have years of experience with the activities they coach. While our coaches provide training in sports, there is also emphasis on learning and practicing life skills, such as discipline and team work.
We currently offer:
  • Kayaking (Summer)
  • Powerlifting (Fall)
  • Swimming (Spring)
We plan to offer:
  • Bocce
  • Cycling
  • Basketball
Please let us know if there are other athletic or non-athletic activities you would like to see us offer. We are open to all interests and ideas!
Click here to read about the Sho'men, a volunteer club, that have served as coaches for our swimmers since 2018 and were a recipient of the Inaugural Maryland Youth Service Award! Thank you for all of your hard work!
For competitors, Bridges offers the opportunity to participate in athletic activities with the goal of competing in Special Olympics Maryland events! Click here for more information about Special Olympics Maryland.
We also understand that competition is not for everyone and individuals have the option to choose recreational participation instead. This would include attending practices.
Please contact us for more information about the program!
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